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Size: 100 inchs

The Art of Home Cinema

The iconic red dot has always been synonymous with innovation beyond its limits. Now, it rightfully finds its place at the front of the latest addition to Leica‘s product portfolio: Leica Cine 1.

Home cinema experiences in excellent Leica image quality with its first cinema TV. Thanks to its ultra-short-throw lens, the Leica Cine 1 can be integrated into the living room in a space-saving manner close to the wall, while its elegant aluminum body in the authentic Leica look elegantly blends into its surroundings as a classic style icon.

The all-around perforated cover ensures crystal-clear sound and optimal, unobstructed ventilation. A proud statement of purist design, elevating any and every home by reducing to the essential. It is simply the new essential for those longing for the finest home cinema experiences.

The essentials:
Exceptional, purist design
Ultra-bright 4k UHD image with triple RGB-laser
Impressive sound (Dolby Atmos)
Intuitive operation and easy of use
100" or 120" screen size
Internal TV tuner
Apple AirPlay
Filmmaker Mode


    Laser TV | Remote control | Quick Start guide | Power Cord | 2 x AAA batteries

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