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When invaluable input from customers and professional photographers shapes how a camera is developed, the result is a model like the Leica SL2. With its 47-megapixel sensor, it combines unparalleled quality with intuitive control—for photo- and videography free from distraction and full of delight. This set combines the silver SL2 with the compact 35mm prime lens Leica Summicron-SL 35 f/2 ASPH. opening up a wide range of applications: from landscape, street and reportage to close-up photography. Weighing only 370 grams, this lens is an excellent choice for many applications. Thanks to the fast and silent focusing it is also perfectly suited for high-end videography.

Leica Camera is happy to announce a new cooperation with Capture One. Capture One 21 Pro allows photographers to tether their camera to a computer by cable. The software offers advantages such as a powerful Color Editor tool, as well as a straightforward user interface that can easily be adapted to the photographer's requirements. The new version of Capture One 21 Pro includes improved import options, simple Brush tool settings, as well as the new Pro Standard color profiles, which prevent color shifts when making changes to the contrast. Exposure settings can be controlled from Capture One 21 Pro and photos can be taken remotely from the software. Tethering with the Leica S and SL-system has never been easier.

The essentials:
47 Megapixel full frame sensor brings new levels of image quality
Built-in Body Image Stabilization for steadier shots with all lenses
A perfect tool for videography thanks to fast and silent focusing
4K recording with Cine Mode for a pro-level video output
Compact and fast standard lens with a wide range of applications for Photo and Video
Streamlined menu interface and button layout for easier/faster use
Improved ergonomics & weather sealed rugged build
Especially suitable for landscape, street, portrait and studio photography
Kit offer of camera and lens with price advantage
Made in Germany

In the box

Leica SL2, silver | Lecia Summicron-SL 35mm f/2 ASPH | Carrying Strap | Battery | Bayonet Cover | Charger | Cables | Lens Hood | Lens Caps | Lens Bag

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