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 The Leica SL2 combines the experience from over 150 years of developing optical precision tools with the specific desires of creatives. With its intuitive operation, 47-megapixel CMOS full-frame sensor, and outstanding quality, the SL2 meets all professional requirements for photography and filmmaking.

In the kit, combined with the Noctilux-M 1:1.2/50 ASPH. including the M-Adapter L, the world of legendary M lenses is opened up with the Leica SL2. The Noctilux-M 1:1.2/50 ASPH., known for its high aperture and exceptional imaging performance, is considered one of the most famous M lenses. It enables photography with the unique Look and impresses even in difficult lighting situations with the authentic and natural image characteristics of a 50mm focal length at the very highest level.

With the M-Adapter L, you have access to all M lenses ever produced with your Leica SL2, as well as those that are yet to come. Value retention "made by Leica".

The essentials:
47 Megapixel full frame sensor brings new levels of image quality
Compact and fast M-Lens with a unique look at open aperture
Manual focusing
Built-in Body Image Stabilization for steadier shots with all lenses
4K recording with Cine Mode for a pro-level video output
Streamlined menu interface and button layout for easier/faster use
Improved ergonomics & weather sealed rugged build
Especially suitable for landscape, street, portrait and studio photography
Leica M-Adapter L
L-Mount + M-Mount
Kit offer of camera and lens with price advantage
Made in Germany

In the box

Leica SL2, silver | Noctilux-M 50 f/1.2 ASPH. | Leica M-Adapter L | Carrying Strap | Battery | Battery charger and cable |
Camera Protective Cover | Lens front cap | Lens hood | Lens rear cap | Lens container

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