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Fears no assignment

Both photographic and video journalism capture many faces and tell a wide variety of stories. Whether it is social or cultural topics, outdoor and nature photography or political reportage - the sheer range of topics places a multitude of ever-changing demands on the equipment they need.

Witnesses who push their limits when on assignment accept no limitations from their camera and video equipment. That’s why the rugged Leica SL2-S Reporter is ready when you are. It withstands extreme temperatures, repels dust and water, and stands up well to rough handling. Its discreet design allows you to immerse yourself in the action – unobtrusively – for authentic, vivid photos and videos. The SL2-S Reporter follows the established tradition of Leica’s Reporter-Design-Series, which is focused on one thing: documenting the variety of our world.

Aramid – protects with every fibre

It starts with a synthetic fibre that’s so robust it’s commonly used for personal protective equipment. Next, the fibres are spun so tightly that they are nearly impossible to separate. Woven in their characteristic pattern, the aramid fibres give the Leica SL2-S Reporter excellent protection, even under the most difficult conditions. They also offer an added benefit in terms of handling. The fibers provide a significantly improved grip - for even more safety when photographing and filming.


The resilient and robust SL-System is brought to perfection in the Leica SL2-S Reporter. With its very scratch and fingerprint resistant matte green finish and aramid fibre armour, it sets a new standard in camera durability, while reliably protecting the SL2-S Reporter from external forces. The technical specifications of this edition are identical to the SL2-S series model. "Made in Germany" that translates to enduring quality for generations.

The essentials:

Matte green finish
Without the Leica dot on the front
With aramid fibres trim
24MP CMOS-BSI full-frame sensor
25 fps electronical shutter (DNG), 9 fps mechanical shutter with 4GB internal buffer memory
Up to ISO 100,000
Seamless support of a wide range of lenses from the L-Mount Alliance, the M-System and Leitz Cine lenses
Made in Germany

In the box:

Leica SL2-S Reporter
Carrying strap
Bayonett cover
Charger & cables

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